Epic Domain™ ’s Boys Night Out
is a recreational enrichment program that offers a controlled, mentoring-like environment with small group discussions and lots of hands-on activities. 


A few monthly themes to look forward to

¨ Developing life skills

¨ Building  self-confidence/self-esteem

¨ Cultivating leadership skills

¨ Theater Arts 

¨ STEAM related learning

¨ Character building

¨ Healthy relationships

Jan. 10th “Goal Getters – New Year New You!” Vision Board Party©


Get your magazines and scissors ready! We’ve got a lot to look forward to and I want you to “see it to believe it”!  Get the vision before you and mark them off one by one as you look towards a successful new year!  What does that look like to you?


Jan. 17th “Digital Well-Being” Truth About Teens & Tech ©


Safety first as we discuss how media images and social media play a role in the increasing rise in low self-esteem in youth and teens and the desensitization of children to violence and mature content.  Let’s learn how to look at media and how to better utilize social media to encourage others and celebrate our uniqueness and how to pull away to protect ourselves mentally and emotionally.


January 24th “The Future’s So Bright – I Gotta Wear Shades”©


BIG dreams call for big plans bring a standard black and white composition notebook and let’s learn how to manage our time! Guys put on their shades and share a few “plans” from their to-do list. You have to have a plan for where you’re going!  Making decisions, setting goals, keeping focused and motivated.


Jan. 31st – “It Must begin With Me, Friend!”©


Taking the new you into the New Year – bring your composition notebook with you.  What are some changes you’ve noticed already about your new outlook?  Remember, you can only be responsible for your  actions and reactions.  When I have myself together, then I can help you!


For families registering more than one student, a discounted rate for additional family members is available in person at The Epic.

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Class starts on
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